Good Vibes


Luke Mackay – Activision, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

A massive thank you to Supersets.  The structure was beautifully crafted and really over delivered on our expectations.

Louise Balhatchet – Lewisham Youth Theatre

We at Lewisham Youth Theatre are extremely grateful for the support Supersets have given us.  They have allowed us to use their workshop space for 2 of our productions and without their generosity and support, we would have struggled to create our set pieces to the standard required.

Staff are always helpful and have given inspiration to some of our volunteers.  We are really enjoying this developing partnership.

Anna Sheldrake – HBO – New Pope

It’s hard to put into words the capability, inventive creativity and pragmatic problem solving of Steve and the entire Supersets team. They continually make me look like a better designer and I continue to take all the credit. After working with them once, you will – like me – seldom wish to work with a different scenery construction company again. Also, the coffee is good in that workshop.

Jonathan Paul Green – Production Designer

Absolutely fantastic. Looked great, so thank you.

Tom Bowyer – Bafta Winning Production Designer

Steve, many thanks!! You make it possible. Amazing!

Caroline Steiner – Production Designer

There isn’t another construction company I would turn to, Steve and his crew truly are the best….you know everything will be looked after by true professionals and with the added bonus of a giggle. I always leave the workshop smiling and I know the job is in great hands!

Paki Smith – Production Designer “Freefire”

This could not have been done by a better person….You and your crew were brilliant, from painters, carpenters, to plasterers and all the metal work. But essentially your very deceptively relaxed but firm work methods, along with a great eye of your own were really great and I can’t wait ’til we get another job. This is my favourite thing I have ever worked on, a large seductive 360 set is a rare thing in modest budget world. Thanks a million.

Pam Patterson – Steve’s Mum

Steve has always been my favourite. His father and I always call him first for our carpentry needs or when a handle comes off a door.

Raf Simons – Fashion Designer 

You have a new name  ‘super chic’….

Alison Butler – Production Designer

Steve has worked for me on T.V and Film projects and has always been highly reliable, concise, communicative, and friendly. He works extremely hard to materialise designs to an exact and very high standard. Steve also gives great input into a project, often coming up with ideas and new ways to improve a design. He is a valuable member of my team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.