Walkers Max x KFC Commercial


 Set build for the Dunlop FX Series: Power At Full Force commercial.

POP Promo

Set piece for Hot Chip’s ‘Melody of Love’ video.

Tour Set Piece

 We built several giant skulls, the largest being 6 meters, for Mercury Award winner Dave’s 2019 UK Summer tour which included his debut set at Glastonbury Festival. All skulls were designed to be dismantled, transported and reinstalled into multiple venues. The skulls also housed lasers and smoke machines.

Video Game Launch

For the Borderlands 3 launch event we built a large showpiece to replicate the game cover art. The main ”Psycho Enemy” was interactive and featured a hidden door which would open when guest pulled its hand. We also made several props and other set pieces around the event to accompany the main piece.

Permanent Installation

We were commissioned to build and install a permanent radio/DJ booth into the main lounge of the new Standard Hotel in London. The booth had sliding windows, which when closed, turned the space into a completely soundproof recording studio.

BBC Proms Bandstand

Television Studio Set

We have built the studio sets for the BBC Proms for the last six years. There are many different locations and the sets are beautifully redesigned for every space they go into.

POP Promo

Set for Keane’s song The Way I Feel featuring a 9×9 meter air bag.

Permanent Backlot Set - The Street

Over the course of six weeks, we rebuilt Wimbledon Studios old street set. All interiors were built to be practical and functional. We left the entire set fresh and new to be used as a blank canvas for future productions. 

Television Advert

Weetabix Advert 2020 – Submarine

Television Advert

Churchill Advert 2019 – Chill

Video Game Immersive Experience/Launch

We built a blackout box in which guests tested the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 video game.  Within the box was a completely circular room, no lines or corners created a feeling of floating. Inside was painted with Vantablack paint to absorb 99.96% of light creating the effect of an endless blackout.


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