A Very Catford Christmas

Crowdfunding for our Catford project was a big job, but we were incredibly lucky to have the support of a number of local assemblies and organisations.
Since people were kind enough to pledge money, we think it's only right that we go and tell them what we plan to spend it on, so in the last few weeks Caitlin has been running stands at local assembly meetings to chat to people and discuss our plans.
At Rushey Green assembly, we asked attendees to give us their ideas for our community murals and the corking creative ideas came in thick and fast, from a graffiti wall and images of famous locals to 'a Beatles Sergeant Pepper style mural but with only cats'.

We have been massively inspired by the murals already found all around Catford and the marvellous Six Arts. You can see some examples below:
The greyhound mural - Andrew Loakim
The giant mouse - Nick White
The Catford totem - Lionel Stanhope
Butterflies - Owain Nicholls

Afterwards, we got in the festive spirit with carol singing and the lighting of the Catford Christmas tree (wearing on-brand winter warmers of course).